Internet trading industry become more popular in the private sector. It has trend of
Rapid development of this industry caused by large-scale advertising campaign of already
famous companies (approximately 500 major companies, and thousands of medium and small
companies). Internet trading industry has giant daily turnover - 4.000 billion USD. Experts
predicts increasing daily turnover of up to 10.000 billion USD in 2020
Proper advertising plan campaigns and reliable trade turnover, allow to realize market
potential for private traders / investors, and to create multi-million monthly profit for
company which offers online trading.


Fast increasing of brokers companies attracted attention of financial regulators after
complaints from customers who lost their money due to technological problems, failures and incompetence brokers. Balance violated by discrepance between acceptable risk and liquidity of the company, forcing the cancellation of profitable trades of clients, and closing negative client’s positions to align the balance.

Why is it interesting for the bank

This activity interesting banks via following facts:
1. Banks - are regulated organizations and have the opportunity to perform all kinds of financial operations.
2. Client who opens a trading account via bank receives guarantee of seriousness (even if it is
3. Full license allows bank to establish branches in other states and make cash operation.
4. Bank can establish contacts with international exchange and receive direct access to their
trading servers via FIX protocol. This will expand the offer of trading instruments for their
clients and increase bank’s trading turnover.
5. Bank which provide online trading services, will also be able to interact with the account
management companies.
6. Stable income for the bank from the Commission from each of the transaction and the
spread (the difference between the Bid and Ask rates), whether the client makes a profitable or loss trades, the commission and the spread are taken to account at all times.
7. There is no necessity for clients to live in the same city or even the state where the bank is
located, providing online trading services, as all trade and reporting via the Internet.


We have an opportunity to provide or quickly organize following required components for
successful entry into the market:

1. High-quality, tested, debugged technologic equipment:
a. Bridges to liquidity providers
b. Trading terminal for easy manual or automatic trading
c. PAMM accounts to attract investors and traders
d. Systems that facilitate trading on markets (for example, the opening of transactions with one click)
e. Fast deposit and funds withdrawal
f. Professional analytical tools for traders
g. Automatic risk control
h. IT specialists to configure and maintain servers and trade infrastructure

2. We can provide qualified personal or training from bank:

a. Risk management specialist in brokerage area
b. professional trader for trading control
c. Dealing Desk specialist, treatment and trade requests
d. PR and marketing professionals’
e. Call Center

3. We have a license for brokerage services

a. Or you can be use banking license - it is the best
b. Or you can get a license from regulators for providing brokerage without the status of the

Our team: the specialists from all areas of brokering. We have all the necessary technical
equipment and we are the developers of many trading tools that are already integrated into
banks and funds. We can quickly train and prepare new professionals to conduct brokerage
activities on any international market.
We implement the project Startup brokerage full cycle company on the German market
(Hamburg) currently.
We can quickly and professionally provide access to any international market and provide
professional and secure online trading.

Business Model

We provide wide range of products:
• System of hedge funds control.
• Internet trading on the financial markets - is a process of trade operations via special program which runs over the Internet - this method become dominant. Majority of stock exchanges are switching to e-commerce and moves away from the traditional scheme of trading when a trader needs to be present on the stock exchange or to work through a broker. This transition means that anyone will be able to trade on the exchange, directly from their trading platform, giving orders via the Internet.
• Asset management.

Two important components of successful business development:
• Is the presence of a regulated financial supervising authority (BaFin in Germany and the NFA in
• Is the presence of a stable technical equipment to enable real-time to trade on the financial markets
(Forex), stock exchanges, Futures, CFD, etc. in the case of the provision of online trading.
In the case of account management or investment service via hedge funds, this equipment will be used by traders for their own trading and investors to provide them with reports on real-time trading.

Such technical equipment and a banking license can attract or create small brokerage firms for providing online trading, sending trade flows of these companies through their own trading server, thereby increasing its volume and trade turnover.

Selecting one of the areas now, it will be possible to develop on the same basis as all other directions in the future. It is possible to attract easily investment capital from abroad and to cash settlements with customers if you have a banking license.

There are few pretty good software tools on a market nowadays, thus providing even just good execution of transactions can already compete with similar companies on the market. Our company provides addition automated solutions (professional analytical tools to assess trade risk control circuit (Account Risk Management) , if this level of risk occurred system will stop the trade and thus saves money; system proper preparation and management of the trading portfolio (Portfolio Management System); system of automatic reports (Reporting) for traders, investors and tax organizations; PAMM system and direct connection to Exchange (Bridge) will take its rightful place in the global market.

We have already created the software features and modules as «LEGO», which can generate trading and management systems of any complexity. The uniqueness of our software modules that we use in
programming Multitier architecture for separation logic, ease of understanding and flexibility of
developed products code. Multitier architecture allows to optimize all of our products for the needs of the market without any limitation, at the same time, competitors will have to reprogram up to 70% of the logic of their software.

Our unique technological solutions for quickly respond to market demands and Internet capabilities also allow us to quickly build scalable online business model.

Citi Bank, which plays a key role in the supply of liquidity of the global FOREX market, has already shown interest to these developments.


Opportunities for investors using PAMM accounts
• An investor may withdraw their funds from the PAMM accounts at any time, if you don’t trust
trader’s professionalism.
• Investor can increase investment. In a case of profit increasing.
• Investor able to choose an acceptable level of risk (DrawDown) for example, 30% of the investments fund. PAMM guarantee’s that this level is not exceeded. Investor receives income from the full invested amount and the risks with part of own funds.
• Investor can simultaneously invest in several PAMM accounts and choose the permissible level of risk
for each account.
• Investor can monitor trading activity on its own terminal on real time mode or with a delay set by the
funds manager.

Main investment features of PAMM accounts
• Trader can not withdraw funds from PAMM account.
• Profit made on the PAMM account, apportioned among all investor, including the trader.
• Credible guarantee of traders fair play, is necessity to invest own money to create PAMM account. If it fails, trader risks loss own money!

Main abilities for PAMM account management.
Settings of PAMM accounts and investors accounts

• Configuration made with special application, independent from the trading terminal.
• The percentage level of acceptable risk for investors' accounts
• The percentage level of compensation and payment frequency for trader (monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually).
• Set up percentage level for the early withdrawal funds by investors
• Set the delay (in minutes) for displaying opened position in trading platform investor, to protect
trader from copy transactions to third party terminals.
• Integrated system of LSA cryptography provides secure storage of passwords.
• PAMM system does not keep its own database that provides possibility to edit the investor’s settings and trading accounts simultaneously from multiple computers.

Monitoring of PAMM accounts in real time mode
• List of the investor's accounts
• Current open positions
• Transactions on account manager and investors accounts
• Balance operations: deposit, withdrawal, payment for trader
• Percentage increase of PAMM account profit
• The highest balance achieved (High Water Mark) accounts
• Equity chart of PAMM accounts

Integrated security system «Real-time Safety Monitoring System» distributes profit, stops trading when the predefined level of risk occurred, even if the connection with the trading server was interrupted.